About Us

History & Background of IVF Newborn

IVF Newborn was established in 1992 by the staff of the Charles Maternity Hospital under the leadership of Dr. Sara Lee, to provide ovulation induction and artificial insemination services.  Over the last twenty years, Dr. Lee and her team remain committed to the founding mission of the Clinic by continuing to lead the way in research and quality in the areas of assisting with reproduction and advocating for the people of her city, who experience medical issues that affect their ability to have children.

In 2004, In vitro fertilization (IVF) became a mainstream medical technology after much criticism, and IVF Newborn was one of the first Clinics to adopt this medical practice in the world and with this commencement in 2004, our first baby using this treatment was born in 2005. In 2006, the Clinic began the construction of a new state of the art clinic and today, the facilities include a comfortable lounge area, private doctors’ offices for one-on-one patient consultations, recovery rooms, new retrieval and transfer rooms, operating suites as well as laboratories that remain updated with the most modern technology available.

The Team at IVF Newborn.

ivf doctors
Our experienced staff, doctors, nurses and technicians are fully aware of the challenges that are faced by infertility patients and constantly strive to ensure that our patients are relaxed, comfortable and confident during the duration of their medical care with us. Dr. Alistair Altec, one of our Consultant Gynecologist and Specialist in Reproductive Medicine has almost twenty years of experience in performing successful surgical procedures that include laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery.  Our very own Dr. Thanaporn Srikit has over twenty-five years of experience as a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist.  She has been recognized throughout New York as an outstanding physician in the field of reproductive medicine and has been twice listed as one of the leading infertility specialists since 1991. Her areas of special interest include infertility, endometriosis, in vitro fertilization and polycystic ovarian disease.  Dr. Adrian Skye is also a board certified laboratory director from the American Association of BioAnalysts for embryology and andrology labs. Working alongside these knowledgeable doctors, all well known in their distinguished fields are the nurses and support staff of IVF Newborn, who all play a vital role in the outstanding success our clinic has had throughout the years.

At IVF Newborn, each patient is treated on an individual needs basis as the cause of infertility in our patients varies across.  Once we are able to identify the cause of infertility, then the treatment we administer is customized to suit the patient’s unique situation. With the advancement in fertility science and new research and technology, we have been able to offer our patients new and improved treatments that have been tried and proven year after year, ranging from in vitro fertilization, intrauterine insemination, tubal ligation reversal and surrogacy.

Our Mission

It is the goal of IVF Newborn to persistently provide the highest possible care with the end result being successful and healthy pregnancies for our patients.  With this in mind, we will continue to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge of technology in reproductive technology, our facilities cater to the needs of our patients and that every patient whose family we are entrusted with, leaves fulfilled.

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